The 5 Best Days of the Year to Travel

best days to travel

When we say we love to travel, most of us mean we love the end result of traveling – that is, getting to a new place or getting back to an old place. The actual process of traveling isn’t as much fun as being on the other end. Sure, some of us might enjoy a nice drive through the country, but sitting in traffic for hours so you can search for parking for hours so you can sit on a plane for hours isn’t many people’s idea of a good time, especially when you consider the expense involved.

For this reason, some people wisely try to plan their trips so they travel on off days, days other people aren’t as likely to be traveling. This is not always possible, but when it works, it can relieve a lot of stress. In that spirit, here are some of the best days of the year to travel, when traffic is lighter and plane flights are cheaper. Naturally, that also makes these some of the best days of the year to fly.

New Year’s Day

The day before New Year’s is a lousy day to travel, but New Year’s Day? Go for it. You know why. Most people are too busy recovering from the prior night’s festivities to have any interest in going anywhere. That’s great news for you if you’ve got someplace to be and don’t mind traveling on a day when everyone else is sleeping in. It’s pretty hard to fill a plane on a day like this, so you’re likely to get a cheap flight, making this one of the best days to fly.

Nov. 30

Another one of the best days to travel is Nov. 30. Thanksgiving is safely in the rear view mirror and Christmas is a few weeks off. People are back to work from their Thanksgiving holiday and aren’t making any other travel plans until around Dec. 25.

Dec. 27

You know how a bunch of stuff goes on sale the day or two after Christmas? Same idea here. The holiday is over and everyone’s gone home, which means traffic is light and plane tickets are deeply discounted.


If you have to pick a day to travel that’s not centered around a holiday, Tuesday or the day after is your best bet. Tuesdays tend to be among the best days to travel year-round, unless they fall right before a major holiday. It’s usually easiest for people to get away on or close to the weekend, and Tuesday’s far out enough that it’s not really a convenient day for most to travel.


Same idea here. Most people can’t get a day or two off smack in the middle of the week to travel, so this is a great day to get on the road or hop on a plane if you can.

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