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How to Prepare Cars for Long-Term Parking

How to Prepare Cars for Long Term Parking

For those of us who travel for business, pleasure or both, we know one of the greatest concerns with air travel is leaving your car behind while you’re gone. If you’re planning to leave for a long period, then you know that every day you’re gone your car will be sitting there at the airport. Changes in temperature, aging car parts and even an occasional would-be burglar pose very real risks to your car.

Yet this is a process so many of us regularly go through. If you travel through the nation’s largest airports — such as Newark Liberty — you know that you won’t be alone in using long-term parking. In fact, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, over 35 million passengers moved through the airport in 2014 alone.

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That’s why companies like SNAP Parking have worked hard to provide long-term parking solutions that help alleviate this central anxiety of airline travel. By providing secure indoor parking, you can feel confident that your car is protected while you’re gone.

However, while our long-term parking solutions do provide a level of security and protection that exceeds that of traditional airport parking, you still want to follow certain rules for long-term parking car care. When you return to your car, you want it to start, be comfortable and you want all of your stuff to be there.

That’s why we’re putting together this guide on preparing cars for long-term parking. We take convenience, service and parked car safety at Newark Airport very seriously, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more that you can do to make sure your property is secure when you travel and that your ride home goes smoothly and safely.