Is It Safe to Leave Your Car in Long-Term Airport Parking?

As a country boasting more than 15,000 airports and airfields, including popular Newark Liberty International Airport, it’s safe to say the U.S. sees its fair share of air travelers every day. Those travelers arrive at the airport by a number of means, including their personal vehicles. Yet many are hesitant about how to secure their cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and vans until they arrive. They wonder about long-term airport parking safety, and for good reason. As with all decisions, it’s best to be well-informed to make the wisest choice.

Issues to Consider With Long-Term Parking at the Airport

Long-term parking at airports, even large ones like Newark, has its known safety and security issues. Some of the most prominent include:

  • Theft of possessions — Airports generally do not have the resources to make sure every long-term parking patron’s vehicle is protected. This leaves the door wide open for criminals to take advantage of lax security measures. Whether a car is outside or indoors, an experienced thief can quickly enter a car to get access to the valuables inside.
  • Theft of vehicle — While this is a little rarer than theft of the possessions inside the car, it does happen. Again, because vehicles in long-term airport parking are not monitored, they are easier to steal.

  • Vandalism — Sometimes, the motives of criminals do not include actually taking anything. Rather, they involve destroying property in the form of vandalism. No airport traveler wants to return to a vehicle that’s incurred thousands of dollars in damage due to graffiti, paint, scratches, etc.
  • Stolen parts — The market for stolen car, truck and SUV parts can be lucrative for thieves, and a long-term airport parking lot may seem like a beacon. With so many vehicles to choose from, thieves can conveniently remove parts and sell them on the black market.

Though these may seem like reasons to never drive your own vehicle to the airport, they aren’t. There are alternatives to this type of unsecured parking.

Truly Secure Airport Parking for Flyers

Secure airport parking is available for flyers out of Newark Airport at SNAP Parking. SNAP Parking isn’t a traditional long-term airport parking option. The facility has been designed to offer safe airport parking through the following features and services:

  • Secured indoor garage — No vehicle at SNAP Parking is left outside. All customers drive in and have their cars taken by valet to a secure spot. Only SNAP Parking employees have access to the gated facility.
  • Video surveillance — To protect vehicles further, the entire SNAP Parking site is monitored 24/7 through closed-circuit TVs and cameras. This allows SNAP Parking team members to keep watch and avoid security problems.
  • Dedicated employees — SNAP Parking employees are actually charged with making sure customers’ vehicles remain in great condition the whole time they are onsite. Most airports have staff that are only partially — if at all — dedicated to this cause.

The bottom line is that while long-term airport parking lots can and do experience crime — especially the Newark ones — it is not inevitable. Airport passengers can enjoy safe airport parking offsite at SNAP Parking and get free shuttle service to and from the nearby airport. Peace of mind has never been so easy to attain!