Newark Airport Parking Rates

Get the Best Newark Airport Economy Parking With SNAP

Newark Liberty International Airport has more than 100 gates, three terminals and moves around 35 million passengers every single year. This makes it an extremely busy place, and the last thing you want to worry about when you’re flying is where to park.

SNAP offers cheap parking for Newark airport patrons to make it easier for you to travel more efficiently, as well as save money. The next time you need to take a flight out of Newark, N.J., book online and prepay at the SNAP website for the lowest possible price. SNAP takes the pressure off worrying about where your vehicle will be while you’re in the air and at your destination.

SNAP Offers Newark Airport Passengers Peace of Mind

When was the last time you flew out of any airport and didn’t worry a bit about your car? At SNAP, we remove that stress by offering Newark airport economy parking with several key perks:

  • Indoor Parking. The SNAP facility is completely indoors*. Your vehicle will remain under a covered roof as long as it’s with us. This means you don’t have to worry about damage due to rain, hail, wind, snow or sleet.
  • Online Booking. Why wait to pay for your airport parking? SNAP offers online booking, allowing you to prepay for your stay. Not only does this make you privy to the best Newark airport parking rates that we offer, but it’s one less thing you have to be concerned about during your trip.
  • High Security. SNAP maintains 24/7 surveillance throughout our facility. We use a system of high-tech, closed-circuit TVs and cameras to ensure that all the vehicles in our decks are monitored. In addition, SNAP is completely gated.
  • Fast Shuttle Service. Our shuttle service to the Newark airport takes about five minutes to get you from our facility to Newark airport’s gates. The shuttle service is an on-demand feature, so we leave when you need us to leave. Using our shuttle is a free benefit of choosing SNAP for your Newark airport long-term parking rates and services.
  • Open All Day, Every Day. The airports don’t take a break from helping customers, and neither do we. At SNAP, we believe in superior service, and that means being open when you need us. If your flight leaves at 2 a.m., or returns at 11 p.m., you can count on SNAP.

Why worry about how much it costs to park at the Newark airport when you can simply drive to SNAP, have our valets park your car, and then travel directly to your gate in comfort and style? Book your vehicle’s stay with SNAP online today!

* Note: Due to limited space at our facility, trucks, vehicle hitches, extra-large SUVs, or other oversized vehicles are charged at the oversize rate of $19.99 per day for short-term parking. This does not apply to monthly parkers. To see a full list of vehicles we consider oversize, please see our list here.