What Type of Luggage Do I Need for My Trip?

As you may have noticed, you have tons of options when it comes to getting luggage. One look online or in your favorite local retail store will open up a world of possibilities. Yet which will be the best type of luggage for flying? The answer depends upon several factors, including your destination, purpose for travel, belongings and expected purchases.

Consideration #1: Where Are You Going?

The world is a big place, and your ultimate destination will factor heavily into your luggage decision. For instance, if you are headed on a trip that will involve a lot of train travel, such as exploring Europe, you’ll want to have luggage that’s simple to transport day after day. In this case, a small- to mid-sized bag on sturdy wheels with a tough, retractable handle makes sense.

On the other hand, if you are going to one spot and intend to stay there for the duration of your journey, you may find it easy to include larger luggage pieces. Always check your airlines to see how many pieces of carry-on or checked luggage you can bring for free before starting to incur fees.

Consideration #2: Why Are You Traveling?

Are you going on a spa-like weekend trip, or a week-long business excursion to land a new client? Your purpose for traveling can have a huge relationship with the type of luggage for flying that you’ll need. As an example, if you know you’ll need traditional business attire, you may opt for luggage with an embedded garment bag to keep suits and other professional wear in good condition. If you’ll be wearing more casual attire throughout your trip, you may be able to get away with a carry-on or checked luggage bag, such as a duffel bag style, that’s on the smaller side.

Consideration #3: What Are You Bringing?

If you’re in the market to buy some new luggage, it can be helpful to write a list of everything you want to bring. Then think about how much room you’ll need. In addition, you’ll want to think about how sturdy your luggage needs to be. Many luggage manufacturers offer more rugged selections made of metal or other hard materials if you know your belongings may require a more solid protective shell.

Consideration #4: What Are You Buying?

Be honest with yourself: What do you think you might buy while on vacation? People who are traveling for vacation regularly end up buying themselves treasures to remember their trips, or to bring back for family members and friends. Keep this in the back of your mind when picking luggage. Sure, you may only need a small fabric bag for all your belongings… but would a medium-sized bag with a harder exterior shell better accommodate your belongings and the items you purchase?

Consideration #5: What Can You Handle?

You won’t have to carry your luggage around all the time. At SNAP Parking, our valets are ready to help you get your luggage in and out of our convenient, free airport shuttles to Newark Liberty International. Still, you will have to feel comfortable moving the luggage occasionally. This should factor into your choice of the right kind of luggage for your flights.

Additional Luggage Best Practices

After you decide what type and size of luggage you’ll need for your upcoming flight, keep these best practices regarding luggage in mind:

  • Never leave any piece of luggage unattended. Take your luggage with you, even when you go to the bathroom or grab a bite from an airport kiosk.
  • Pick luggage that is easy for you to spot. This will help when you’re picking up checked luggage post-flights. If you have a black or dark-colored bag, consider putting colorful or patterned tape or ribbon on it so it stands out.
  • Buy the best luggage you can afford. You’ll be thankful later when your bags don’t conk out on you or fall apart during transit.
  • Read up on the luggage requirements for any airlines you are using during your travels. Doing so will help you avoid surprises. Even if you have flown with the carrier recently, check their website for updates.

Enjoy all your flights by scratching one more “to do” item off the list: picking the best luggage!